Episode 2

Published on:

17th Jun 2022

18 years and still learning - San Harper

 San Harper has a wealth of experience that she shares on the latest episode of ADI stories. 

San explains:

  • What first made her become an ADI
  • How anxiety affected her
  • How a student used his balls to improve his driving
  • Can cats interpret indicators?
  • What made her dive into mindfulness 

We cover all this and more, in this second episode of ADI stories - the driving instructor version of 'This is your life'

You can find San's website here: https://www.guildmdt.com/

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ADI Stories
Driving instructor stories
Every month I’m joined by a driving instructor to discuss their journey in our profession.
We’ll be discussing how they got into the industry, the problems they’ve faced, how they’ve overcome them and the advice they would offer to fellow ADI’s.
So if you’re a driving instructor, or considering becoming one, listen in to see that you’re not alone on this adventure.
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